The Future

What does the future hold for Inyo? I have been studying this site for almost thirty years and seen a lot of unnecessary and utterly ignorant damage. The worst came with the reckless dynamiting of the site for roadfill and white dolomite. Fortunately what survived is the most important artifact ever found. The Inyo animation is the only place known to explain the religion of the People.

It also reveals the prejudice against the Native People by organized governments and their willingness to distort history for political purpose. Columbus was not the discoverer of America. He was a tool used to lead an armed conquest of a once free land. These folks who gave him the job also owned and operated every school and printing press....and were busy conducting the inquisition at the same time. They had eradicated the opposition by brute and relentless force. They wrote the history.

Overcoming their history and replacing their lies with truth is difficult. They are not honest. The way they used archaeogists and anthrologists to control thought and action is apparent in this issue. Barry Fell wrote three books that demonstated with scientific precision that many foreigners visited America before Columbus. (Inyo has inscriptions in Arabic, Punic, Egyptian, Celtic that are readable and quite visible.) For that he was treated with contempt and ridicule. He did not deserve the bad treatment he received. During my schooling to achieve my degree in anthropogy I was in constant arguement over this exact issue. Prejudice is alive and well at my alma mater. No way would they admit that Barry Fell was right.